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January 5, 2024

10 personalized Mother's Day gift ideas for 2024

Are you looking for a creative and unique Mother’s Day gift for your mom? You are in the right place. We listed 64 Mother’s Day gift ideas based on your mother's personality and lifestyle. From new moms to foodie moms, you can find the perfect gift for your mother.

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Zehra Yavuz
Digital Marketing Intern

Buying someone a gift may be challenging sometimes, especially when the person is one of the most valuable people in your life. If you feel lost about what to buy for your mom, let’s find it out together!

Back in the day, we used to buy flowers or cute necklaces for our moms on Mother's Day. Do you think this is still the popular way of celebrating Mother's Day? I would say no. Although this tradition was an easier and more relaxed way of making our mothers happy, a personalized and special Mother's Day gift is a more sincere way of showing your love to your mom.  Every mom is special though they deserve a special gift, which is why it is sometimes challenging.  As the marketing team of Retable, to ease your decision process and help you find a special gift for your mom, we listed some personalized gift ideas based on your mother’s personality and lifestyle.

Table of Contents:

  1. Personalized Mother's Day Gift Ideas List
  1. Mother’s Day Gifts for Self-Care Moms
  1. Mother’s Day Gifts for Spiritual Moms
  1. Mother’s Day gifts for DIY Moms
  1. Mother’s Day Gifts for Foodie Moms
  1. Mother’s Day Gifts for Fancy Moms
  1. Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms
  1. Mother’s Day Gifts for Sporty Moms
  1. Mother’s Day Gifts for Cozy and Comfy Moms
  1. Mother’s Day Gifts for Busy Moms
  1. Mother’s Day Gifts under £10
The Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Personalized Mother's Day Gift Ideas List

Check out the extended Mother's Day gift ideas list we have prepared for you. You can access the categorized list for Mother's Day Gift ideas from here. Retable's Mother's Day Gift Ideas list also includes Mother's Day Gift ideas, categorizes, prices, shopping URLs and ratings. Let's check it out together!

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Self-Care Moms

1) Mother’s Day Gifts for Self-Care Moms:  

If you have a mother who prioritizes self-care over many other things, probably your mom is considering buying these things nowadays. We listed the most trend-topic self-care products. Surprise her by gifting them!  

Hairbrush Set

With aging, hair becomes the most care-needing part of our body, also if you follow care routine trends, the quality of hairbrush is a strongly underlined topic. You can buy a high-quality and pretty hairbrush by clicking the link.

Mask Discovery Set

Purified, glowing and hydrated skin is the dream of many self-care lovers. Probably your mom seraches for new skin products for a remarkable time every day and probably she knows this brand: Susanne Kaufman. The product below contains three face masks: a purifying mask, a glow mask, and moisturizing mask with an additional mask brush.

Gua-Sha Face Stone and Roller

Have you ever seen your mom doing some weird mimics and massaging her face? Don’t worry she is doing her face yoga routine. Recently, Gua-Sha face stones and rollers have been seen as the most essential item for a face yoga routine.  

Satin Pillowcase

As the years pass, aging becomes a thing that should be prevented. Replacing your pillowcase with a satin one is claimed to prevent aging. Moreover, many influencers have recommended satin pillowcases. You can make your mom feel like sleeping beauty with these pillowcases linked below.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Spiritual Moms

2) Mother’s Day Gifts for Spiritual Moms:  

If you have a spiritual mom, you should be thankful that your mom values her inner peace and happiness. Generally, the people who are into this spiritual stuff feel like they are the only spiritual people in their surroundings. Make your mom feel loved and cared for by gifting her the products below

Healing Crystals Set

Zen Lotus Backflow Incense Burner

Gaiam Yoga Mat

Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl

Mother’s Day Gifts for DIY Moms

3) Mother’s Day Gifts for DIY Moms:  

With retirement or children leaving home, many parents experience a lack of hobbies, and they feel lost about how they will spend their free time without their children and jobs. If your mom has been experiencing empty nested syndrome or retirement after many years in work life, these DIY products may be the best Mother’s Day gift for your mom. If you still live with your mom or your mom still works, you can do these DIY together. Spending quality time with your mom will reinforce your relationship!

DIY Candle Gifts

DIY Miniature Dolls House

DIY Embroidery Kit

Knitting Machine

Cordless Hot Melt Glue Gun

Artificial Flower Building Set

Mini Gardening Tools

Bath Bomb Soap Making

Mother’s Day Gifts for Foodie Moms

4) Mother’s Day Gifts for Foodie Moms:

What was one of the most memorable thing about your childhood home? If the answer is delicious food smells and many friends who always visit your mom, you are on the right page. Actually Mother's Day gifts for foodie moms seem to be the easiest category, however; it is one of the challenging ones. The point that makes this decision process challenging is that generally foodie moms have everything in kitchen. But don’t worry there are still some Mother's Day gifts that will surprise your mom.  

Casa De Folklore Bowl

Victoria Sponge Cake Baking Set

Automatic Milk Frother

Popcorn Maker

Afternoon Tea Serving Plate

Professional Chef Knife

Classic Pasta Making Kit

Personalized Mixing Bowl

Mother’s Day Gifts for Fancy Moms

5) Mother’s Day Gifts for Fancy Moms

Were you one of the kids who feel cool and proud when their mom visits them in the school with their stunning looks? If the answer is yes, this decision process tends to be tough for you. As everyone knows fancy moms owe their stylish looks to having high standards and being choosy. To buy a satisfying Mother’s Day gift for your beloved mom, you must be following recent fashion trends, or you should get help. We listed the most guaranteed and fancy Mother’s Day gift ideas that your mom will definitely adore.  

Drop Earrings

Wanda Patent-Leather Wedge Mules

Leather Bag

Friday mini zebra-print leather shoulder bag

Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

6) Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms:

Of course, you shouldn’t forget the moms who won’t be able to receive a Mother’s Day gift from their babies. Buying a Mother’s Day Gift for your friend, wife, or relative who is experiencing pregnancy or has just been a mom will certainly make her happier than you expected. Imagine that you are receiving a Mother’s Day gift from a friend of yours while you are a new mom, how loved would you feel? So, here are the sincere and adorable Mother’s Day gifts we listed for you.  

Mama Hug the Arrival Essentials New Mum Gift Box

  • Price: £45

Pregnancy Journal

  • Price: £29.99
  • Shopping Link: Pregnancy Journal

Back Massager with Heat

Pregnancy Pillow

Bras for Breastfeeding

Care Package Gift Basket for New Moms

Baby Hand and Footprint Kit

Mother’s Day Gifts for Sporty Moms

7) Mother’s Day Gifts for Sporty Moms:

Despite aging, some incredible moms keep high their motivation for the sport. Many sporty people do not care about the items they use during the sport. You may contribute to your mother’s sporty and healthy life by surprising her with these Mother’s Day gifts!

Fitness Tracker Watch

Water Bottle with Time Marker

Split Leather Trainers

Oysho Legging

Pink Track Suit

Exercise Mat

Mother’s Day Gifts for Cozy and Comfy Moms

8) Mother’s Day Gifts for Cozy and Comfy Moms:

Do you feel weird when you enter the home and do not see your mom at home and sitting in her chair with her fluffy pajamas? If the answer is yes, you have a cozy mom who loves spending time in the sitting room and feels like a warm home when she cuddles you. These Mother’s Day gifts will increase your mother’s home life.

Sleeping Bag Gift Set

Victoria's Secret Satin Stripe Long Pyjamas

Cozy Slippers

Hand-operated Knitting Machine

Sweatshirt Blanket

TV Blanket

Long Kimono

A gift feels like a warm hug

Fluffy Socks

Mother's Day Gifts for Busy Moms

9) Mother's Day Gifts for Busy Moms:

Are you one of the people whose mom never has time for them? Although working moms have been considered as a negative situation for the child, we would like to remind you that you are the luckiest one. She didn’t give up her professional life, so she influenced you by continuing improving herself. Additionally, your beloved mom has managed to keep up with her work life while mothering you which is respectful so they deserve a special Mother’s Day gift that will ease her busy life.  

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine

Mug Warmer

Macbook Cover

Weekly Planner Desk Pad

Small Folding Desk


  • Price: £329.99
  • Shopping Link: Airwrap

Bath Caddy Bridge

Mother’s Day Gifts Under £10

10) Mother’s Day Gifts Under £10:

What makes a gift unique is not price but its spirit. Your mom will not even look at the price of the Mother’s Day gift since mother's value the spirit and intention of a gift rather than the price. If you have some concerns about the budget, time to relax and look at Mother’s Day gifts under £10 we listed for you.

Personalized Our Family Calendar

Music Box

Letters In Capsule

Sea Kelp Marine Spa Footcare Pamper Set

Dear Mom Mug

Cooling Eye Mask

What I Love About Mom – Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal

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