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January 27, 2024
Project Management

Project change log

Projects naturally have various improvements and changes over time. Being able to manage and track these changes and developments correctly ensures that everything goes smoothly in your projects and that your entire project team can work in alignment. Project change log template is a tool that allows you to easily track all your project change logs. Now let's take a look at what awaits you in Retable's free project change log spreadsheet template!

Project change log spreadsheet template

📌 To copy and customize the project change log spreadsheet template to your own Retable dashboard, click the "Copy to workspace" button in the upper right corner of the template!

Columns of the project change log spreadsheet template

  • Change ID: It'a a unique identifier column type. It automatically assigns IDs to each item added to your change log, under the conditions you specify. You cannot change these IDs, but you can customize them at certain points. For example, you can choose whether symbols, uppercase letters, lowercase letters or numbers will be used in your ID, and the length of your ID.
  • Date of change: It's a calendar column type. Here you can add the date of the changes. You can change the date format by customizing this column.
  • Description of change: It's a text column type. Here, you can find the description of each change, which provides a detailed explanation of each change log.
  • Requested by: It's a select column type. The name listed here represents who is requested for each change. You can change this column type to "Collaborator" to easily assign tasks to your teammates. If the person who request the change is a Retable user and submits the change requests through Retable online forms, you can also change the type of this column to "Created by". Thus, Retable will automatically add the person who added this row to this column and you will not need to add it manually.
  • Approved by: It's a select column type. The people listed here represent those who approved each change. You can change this column type to "Collaborator". This way, your teammates can assign these items to themselves.
  • Impact on project: Here, you can add the impact of each change on the project, which provides an idea of the impact of each change.
  • Status: It's a select column type. Indicates the current stage of each change, such as 'Approved', 'In Review', 'Implemented', etc. You can add more status option.

Retable's project change log tracking template is designed to streamline the project management processes, making it easier to manage and track project changes to status.

Views of the project change log spreadsheet template

The view types of your project change log template are designed to offer different perspectives and ways to interact with your change logs. Here's a brief explanation of each view:

Grid view (default):

This view presents the change logs in a traditional spreadsheet format, where each row represents a different change log and the columns represent the various attributes of each change log, such as status, date of change, description, etc. It's the most detailed and comprehensive view, suitable for editing and entering data.

Kanban view:

In Kanban view, change logs are displayed as cards on a Kanban board, allowing you to visualize and manage the workflow of your change logs. Each card represents a change log and can be moved across columns representing different stages of the project task management process (e.g., Approved, In review, Implemented etc.). This view helps track progress and manage project changes.

Card view:

The card view also represents change logs as cards, but it may provide a more condensed overview than the Kanban view. Each card typically shows key information at a glance, such as a title and status, and can be clicked on to reveal more details. This view is useful for a quick review of change logs and status checks.

Calendar view:

Calendar view helps you automatically display the dates in your table on a calendar. If your table has multiple date columns (ex; start date & end date) you can automatically create date ranges in your calendar view.

Each view serves a special point and can be used depending on the particular needs, whether that's detailed data entry, visual data management, or quick status checks.

Retable's project change log spreadsheet template is a ready-to-use template for efficiently managing your project change logs, enabling you to organize and progress each task from start to end with ease. With options like Grid, Kanban, Calendar and Card views, you can customize your workflow to suit your team's unique needs.

Ready to explore even more ways to streamline your project change log tracking processes? Dive into Retable's diverse collection of templates and find the perfect fit to elevate your project management to the next level. Discover Retable's templates today and transform your tasks into impactful projects with just a few clicks!