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applicant tracking

Easily identify, filter, sort and assign workflows for each of your teams without getting bogged down in complex tasks and responsibilities. Easily transfer responsibilities in job change processes.

onboarding planning

Facilitate expense tracking process with a simple spreadsheet that you can access from anywhere. Simplify expense tracking process, categorize them, get detailed monthly reports and save your time. 📊

applicant tracking

Do not get lost among dozens of job applications, easily organize and compare your candidates, collaborate with the other teams and ensure the fittest match for your company's open positions. 🏆

task planning

Thanks to Retable's bug tracking template collect bugs with quick online forms, integrate them into your online spreadsheets and assign them to your teammates. Track bugs, monitor progress and avoid complex task tracking. ⚡

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Simple crm

Manage your business relationships with simple Customer Relationship Management template from an all-in-one platform. Track of your contacts' informations, their lead qualities, and opportunities in your deal pipeline. 🎯

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software bug tracking

Organize, categorize, track and prioritize your projects. Assign a category to each task, tag your teammates and connect related tasks to each other. Discover the well-organized project management solutions!🌟

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Better understand your business data, make data driven decisions

Easily manage your business data with no-code and cost-effective solutions. Build relational databases and collaborate on them.

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    Create customizable data views, understand your data that matters, and make data-driven business decisions.

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    Easily track the stages of your business management efforts, collaborate with your team, and organize your data management process.

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    Safely store your data in the relevant tables, avoid data loss and take advantage of Retable's powerful API support

Thanks to Retable the speed we have gained for the project planning has helped us to leave our approximately 60% effort to spend on our core business. In addition, by quickly identifying the needs of our teams, our speed of closing gaps has increased considerably. It naturally allowed us to complete our projects 40% faster.
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