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December 1, 2023
Product updates

What's new in Retable – August 2022

Hello everyone, We’re excited about announcing Retable’s new product updates and cannot wait till the end of the month! We have published Retable's August developments. 🚀

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

This month we have an update package that we think will streamline your business operations in Retable and specifically address your branding needs. Let's see together how Retable's newly updated branding and grouping improvements will help to increase the effectiveness of online spreadsheet operations.

Let's see what we have for you! 👇🏻

Hide Retable Branding on Forms

It is now possible to remove Retable branding from Retable forms! Thus, there will not be anything to distract people's attention from your brand.

Removing the Retable branding from your online forms will hide the "Made in Retable" text shown at the bottom of the forms.

To hide the branding on Retable forms:
  • Activate forms on your spreadsheet
  • Click on form edit
  • You can remove that Retable branding in the lower-right corner of the Retable form by toggling the "Hide Branding" switch.

So, the "Made in Retable" text at the bottom of your forms will no longer appear on your form.

Hide Retable Branding on the Embedded Tables

Here is one of the improvements that our team and customers are most excited about!  

Now, you can hide the header and Retable branding from the tables you have embedded in your website. Thus, when you embed the dynamic Retable tables on your website, you can easily prevent your site visitors from being redirected to another channel. So, what does it mean? It means people will spend more time on your website to view the tables and your bounce rates will decrease seriously!

Let's see how you can remove the Retable branding and header when you embed the Retable tables on your website.
  • Open your spreadsheet
  • Click share button
  • Click embedding icon
  • You can remove the Retable branding and header of the Retable table by toggling the "Hide Brand" switch.

Row Grouping

Our row grouping feature is now on air!  🚀

Retable's row grouping allows you to see your records grouped by the field you choose.  

To group your records;
  • Click on the "Group" button between the filter and format buttons.  
  • Select the field by which you would like to group your records from the menu.  

Once you have selected the field you want to group by, groups will automatically be created based on the unique values in that field. New groups will similarly be added automatically whenever a new, unique value is entered in the designated field.  

Above each group, there is a summary section that shows the number of rows in the group.

Let's see how to use Retable's row grouping feature! 👇🏻

Retable team has worked hard this month to streamline your flexibility on online spreadsheets. Congrats team, it was a productive month for all of us! 🥂  

Our developments continue to make Retable more pleasant and flexible for you. Stay tuned, and feel free to share your feedback with us! 🚀  

You can also check out the improvements we released for you last month! 👉🏻 What's New in Retable - June 2022

See you next month. 🙌🏻

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