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December 1, 2022
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HR Spreadsheet Templates to Have More Organized HR & Recruiting Operations

Hey HR managers, are you there? πŸ™ŒπŸ» Retable's HR Specific solutions are on the air! πŸš€ Try HR spreadsheet templates, and be more organized and productive in HR & recruitment operations and employee directory.

Arzu Γ–zkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Γ–zkan
Head of Marketing

Here're the free spreadsheet templates for your HR teams to manage recruiting, applicant tracking, interview, and onboarding process.

And also we've such bonuses as talent development, and employee directory demographic templates. ⚑

Are You Ready to Discover How Retable is Different from a Standard Spreadsheet? πŸͺ„

Here are a few templates on how to most effectively use Retable to streamline your HR operations. 🌟
You do not need to deal with complex tables for all your HR operations, we have already created HR templates for you that you need.

Feel free to try and give us feedback!

Now, let's see what's inside of the box for you. 🎁

1. Interview Questions Template

You don't need to memorize all interview questions for all departments. Categorize all your questions, determine their scores, and evaluate your candidates in seconds during the interviews.
Use this template to organize your interview questions.⚑

2. Recruitment Planning Template

Retable's recruitment planning template acts as a timeline for HR teams to find qualified applicants and track all processes from an all-in-one online spreadsheet software. Automate your recruitment process, and get rid of inefficient workload with the help of this template. 🌟

Plus, you can always use your spreadsheets in tandem with an email marketing software like ActiveCampaign to keep your applicants informed. You can easily import .csvs into Activecampaign to make communication a lot easier.

3. Applicant Tracking Template

It is not always easy to find the most suitable candidates for open positions. But wait a minute, it's really easy right now. Do not get lost among dozens of job applications.Easily organize and compare your candidates, collaborate with the other teams and find the fittest match with this template. πŸ†

4. Team Workload Planning Template

It is up to you to prevent your employees from being burn-out. Easily track the workload of the teams and ensure the correct management of under or over effort with the help of this template. Remember, happy employees mean happy HR. πŸŽ‰

5. Employee Onboarding Planning Template

Be ready for a perfect onboarding journey! Easily organize and track all onboarding steps to your new colleagues can adapt quickly. Keep all onboarding documents, employee data, and onboarding stages in an all-in-one online spreadsheet. Try this template to collaborate with your HR team from a single software. ✨

6. Bonus: 🌟 Employee Talent Development Template

Discover the talents of your employees and support their development. Enable and easily track the internal learning cycle with this template. πŸš€

7. Bonus: 🌟 Employee Directory Demographic

Here is the shared directory of all the employees in your company. Keep track of chronic diseases, meds in use, blood types, driving licences, birthdays, and more. Think of this template as your HR brain, easily keep your employees' data and never overlook the small but important details.


And yes, here we are, these all templates are created with the help of HR professionals but anyway we also wonder about your ideas and template needs. Feel free to know us what kind of templates you're looking for.

Also, if you need more templates, you can visit Retable's template archive.



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