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May 23, 2023
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How to Create a Product Roadmap Spreadsheet Template

Learn how to create an effective product roadmap spreadsheet template to streamline your product planning and management processes!

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

Having a good product roadmap is critical, especially for software teams. You should have a well-planned product roadmap to plan your product's next steps, organize efforts, and identify your resource needs. Product roadmaps are very important not only for your team but also for your customers and investors. Customers want to have an idea about the next developments of your product, and using a product that is constantly evolving will definitely motivate them. Investors also want to see your team working on a planned roadmap and know what they're investing in. Having a good product roadmap is easier than you think thanks to online spreadsheet tools. In this article, we will cover how you can have a free and fully customizable product roadmap, how to make the most of this product roadmap spreadsheet template, and the benefits of the product roadmap. Let's start!

Table of Contents

What is Product Roadmap

A product roadmap is basically a resource that outlines a product's vision, direction, priorities, and progress over time. A product roadmap may include short- and long-term goals for the product or project, their status, estimated completion date, and action plans. If you want to have a detailed product map, you can include as much detail as you want about your action steps in this roadmap. However, if you want to create a product roadmap just to give your customers and investors an idea, it's better to keep the details about the items in your roadmap shorter. Because you should not distract them with complex and changeable details.

Try Retable's Product Roadmap Spreadsheet Template

Copy Product Roadmap Spreadsheet Template to Your Retable Dashboard: Product Roadmap Spreadsheet Template

You can click the Use Data button to copy Product Roadmap Spreadsheet Template to your Retable Dashboard!

Importance of a Product Roadmap Spreadsheet

Product roadmaps are a summary of how your product strategies become a reality. It is a system where you list and plan the most important ones by summarizing and prioritizing the many improvements you have planned. Product roadmaps are very important tools for your team to work more planned. They also provide good content for your sales and marketing team. If your sales teams know your product roadmap, they can give your prospects better insight into what awaits them in the product. In addition, your marketing teams can plan their marketing strategies according to future developments. Product roadmaps help all teams in the company work towards the same goal. Product roadmaps provide a shared vision, purpose, and goal for everyone in the company.

In addition, product roadmaps help companies better plan both their resources and their needs. Thanks to product roadmaps, you can easily plan the efforts of your employees, the workforce and the time required for the projects.

Using a customizable and collaborative spreadsheet when creating your product roadmap gives you and your team flexibility. Product roadmap spreadsheets prevent you from struggling with complex tools and help you to easily update your roadmap at any time, share it with your entire team, and collaborate on the roadmap in real time.

Benefits of Using a Spreadsheet Template for Product Roadmap

If you are new to product roadmap creation, the examples you see on the internet may be confusing. But remember, you don't need complex tools to create the best product roadmap for yourself. You can easily create a product roadmap with an online spreadsheet tool as flexible as possible. Here are some benefits of using an online spreadsheet for the product roadmap;

Accessible: Online spreadsheets are accessible to anyone. Whether you are using a desktop or mobile device, online spreadsheets allow you to access your product roadmaps from any device. So you can always access your product roadmaps wherever you are.

User Friendly Interface: Online spreadsheets have interfaces that most of us are familiar with. Thus, you do not have to adapt to a new tool while creating your product roadmap, and you can work with familiar interfaces.

Real-Time Collaboration: Thanks to its role-based collaboration features, online spreadsheets allow you to work with your teammates in real time. You can also plan who will have what authority on your product roadmap by managing the authorizations of your team members.

Customization: Online spreadsheets offer you very flexible customization features. Thus, you can customize your product roadmap as you wish without the restrictions of other tools, and you can have a product roadmap that fully meets your needs.

Advanced Data Views: Some online spreadsheet tools offer different advanced data views. Thus, you can view your product roadmap in various ways such as kanban, calendar, card.

Key Elements of a Product Roadmap

If you want to create an advanced product roadmap, the key elements that should be included in your product roadmap are quite detailed. In this article, we will include the key elements that should be included in a product roadmap for beginners.

  • Task Name
  • Task Status
  • Sprint Number
  • Issue Number (if needed)
  • Priority

These elements are the most basic elements that a product roadmap should have. If you need more information, you can add more information to your product roadmap thanks to the online spreadsheet tools. For example, information such as strategic goals and estimates may also be of use to you.

Customizing the Spreadsheet Template

Here's the easiest part. Thanks to the customizable interface of Retable online spreadsheet, you can easily customize your product roadmap spreadsheet template. Let's start step by step;

  • Click the "Use Data" button directly top-right of the spreadsheet
  • Copy the product roadmap spreadsheet template to your Retable dashboard
  • Open the product roadmap spreadsheet template and start customize it freely
  • You can add more column, delete existing colums, change column types and add more rows
  • Thanks to the advanced data views you can easily see your product roadmap data in different views. For example; Kanban, card, calendar etc.

For example; you can view your product roadmap in a Kanban view;

Copy Product Roadmap Spreadsheet Template to Your Retable Dashboard: Product Roadmap Spreadsheet Template


In conclusion, creating a product roadmap spreadsheet template can greatly enhance your product planning and management processes. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effectively outline your product goals, prioritize features, and establish key milestones. Utilizing a spreadsheet tool and customizing the template to suit your needs will enable you to track progress, allocate resources, and communicate updates with stakeholders. Remember to maintain regular updates and adhere to best practices for successful roadmap management. With a well-designed spreadsheet template, you'll have a powerful tool at your disposal to drive product success and align your team towards achieving your product vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share my product roadmap spreadsheet template with external stakeholders?

Yes, you can share your product roadmap spreadsheet template with external stakeholders. However, it's important to consider the sensitivity of the information shared and the level of confidentiality required. Depending on the situation, you may choose to share a summarized version or limit access to certain sections of the roadmap to protect sensitive details.

How can I ensure collaboration and feedback from team members when using a spreadsheet template?

To facilitate collaboration and gather feedback, you can share the spreadsheet template with team members and provide them with the necessary editing permissions. Encourage team members to contribute their insights, suggestions, and updates directly in the spreadsheet. Consider using collaborative features within the spreadsheet tool, such as commenting or revision history, to facilitate discussions and track changes.

Can I use the product roadmap spreadsheet template for multiple products or projects?

Yes, you can adapt the product roadmap spreadsheet template for multiple products or projects. Consider creating separate tabs or sheets within the spreadsheet for each product or project, allowing you to maintain a comprehensive view while keeping the information organized. Customize each tab according to the specific needs and requirements of each product or project.

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