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September 15, 2022
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Best Google Sheets Alternative – Retable Online Spreadsheet Solution

It’s hard to believe that the first version of Microsoft Excel was released nearly 35 years ago.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

For nearly a quarter of a century, it dominated the spreadsheet market without facing any real competition. Then, in 2006, Google Sheets was released. It was completely free and offered many of the same features as Excel. But for professional purposes, many organizations chose to stick with Excel due to its relative affordability and the fact it could handle big data.

Google Sheets briefly threatened to steal Microsofts crown, but has never really become a viable choice in the eyes of many. Its main selling points were free usage, user-friendly interface and offline capability. It also introduced the concept of autosave to the spreadsheet world which made life easier for users and helped prevent loss of data in the event of power cuts or computers crashing. But it lacked in data visualization, data processing and speed. And Google Sheets struggled with complex formulas that Excel could handle with ease. One of its biggest downfalls is that it has never been considered good enough for accounting and bookkeeping.

What Google Sheets did bring to the table though, was better collaboration. At the time that Google Sheets was introduced to the world, this may not have been seen as a threat by the head honchos at Microsoft. But the digital transformation – and to some degree the pandemic – has placed remote collaboration right at the heart of business. Real time collaboration is now crucial to so many start-ups and established businesses.

Put simply, whatever your circumstances, neither Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets was up to the job. The field was open for a new player – one that combined the best of both in a single offering. Step forward Retable.

Retable is the future of online spreadsheets.

Like Google Sheets, it is free to use and includes an autosave function to protect your data. But it can also process big data and works efficiently at speed like Excel. Retable copes easily with complex formulas.

With Retable, you no longer need to make a choice between price and quality. If you’re one of those organizations that has chosen to use both Excel and Google Sheets to enjoy the benefits of both, Retable allows you to store everything in one place. Using multiple systems brings its own problems in terms of collaboration as there are gaps and delays between updates being created and shared. This leads to inefficiencies and duplication of tasks. When you update a cell using Retable, it updates all associated cells and data. You need not worry about human error anymore in that regard.

But it’s not just the storage and accessibility of data that Retable excels at. Data security has never been more important. Breaches can be expensive and can damage the reputation of your organization. Retable gives you full control over who has access to what data and when. It eliminates the risk of information being accidentally shared with an unauthorized party.

Retable offers a whole range of additional features and we are constantly looking to provide even more on the back feedback from current users. It is not just the best alternative for now, it is the best alternative for an increasingly digital world that has to constantly adapt to new technologies and innovative ways of working.

Microsoft and Google may have led the way in spreadsheet solutions, but the world has changed and the need for a new, more modern alternative arose. That alternative is Retable.

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