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January 5, 2024
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6 best daily planner apps for 2024 (Free & Paid): Boost your productivity today!

Staying organized is essential to manage our daily lives effectively. And daily planner apps are a lifesaver. In this blog post, we'll explore the six best daily planner apps of 2024, designed to streamline your schedule and boost efficiency.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

Imagine this!

You are a mother and a social media strategist, or an HR personnel or even a developer.

Your day starts with chores to do with your child/children, your daily meetings, things to do at work and deadlines to meet. 

With ample at hand, you are bound to miss at least one of them or a few. But you are doing your best. 

It is not ideal to go through this routine on a daily basis without getting stressed out. Fortunately, a daily planner is a lifesaver when it comes to tight schedules. Be it for home chores or work-related, these apps are a boon to anyone who wants to keep up with their work.

When it comes to work or personal productivity, even the smallest improvement adds to the whole outcome. That is why Google and Apple’s App stores have productivity as one of their busiest categories.

What is a Daily Planner App?

Daily Planner is like a digital calendar. But way more interesting.

From reminders to managing your workflow on the go, these planners can manage your personal checklists such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, grocery lists, and doctor appointments, as well as work-related checklists, meetings, deadlines etc. This will give you a sense of control of your life and work allowing you to be more productive.

Here are a few questions you must ask when choosing the right app 

  1. Does your app run on multiple devices?
  2. Does it increase your productivity?
  3. Does it integrate with your favourite apps?
  4. Does it offer a free plan?
  5. Are you able to keep your day organized with the app?

With that in mind, let's shortlist 6 best daily planner apps that will help you to be more productive every day.

6 best daily planner apps for 2024

1. Retable

Retable is a high-rated online spreadsheet solution opted for by teams of multiple sizes to manage their to-do lists daily. 

Retable’s customized Excel templates are predesigned and fit any requirement, be it personal or work-related. 

Retable has a vast variety of templates from budget templates, to-do list templates, and exercise trackers to task planning templates, project management planners and more. 

If you are looking for an efficient and easy tool to organize your expenses, projects, teams or any data, all you have to do is create a simple spreadsheet on retable and manage it from anywhere.

Best Daily Planner App Retable

Retable Features

  1. Break up large data into manageable checklists
  2. Integrate with multiple work apps
  3. Project management templates 
  4. Content Planning spreadsheets
  5. Expense tracking
  6. Project Resource planning
  7. Reminders and notifications

Retable's Pricing

Retable has a flexible payment option. It has a free frial that is feature-rich, an annual and a monthly payment option. Apart from this an annual payment discount. Retable’s plan starts at $12/ month per user. For a team of 3, the plan starts at $30/ month and an additional $12 per user.

2. Todoist

Todoist is a powerful tool to manage tasks. It is ranked one of the best by Apple, Google, The Verge etc. Todoist allows you to share the list with co-workers and sync files, emails, and calendars for better collaboration. 

best daily planner app todoist

Todoist Features

  1. Set deadlines and reminders
  2. Allows users to update multiple tasks at the same time over multiple projects
  3. Prioritize tasks with color coding
  4. Recurring tasks can be scheduled automatically at predefined intervals.
  5. Analyze task progress

Todoist Pricing

Todoist has a free plan with limited access. The paid plan begins at $4 / user per month. Its advanced plan is at $6 / user per month.

3. Google Calendar

Google is a staple daily planner app for both professionals and individuals.

Be it meetings, schedules or to-do lists. Google Calendar gives a thorough overview on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. However, it can be visually difficult to understand if there are multiple events in a day. 

best daily planner app google calendar

Google Calendar Features

  1. Set reminders, due dates
  2. Notifications
  3. Syn all your devices
  4. Switch between daily, weekly and monthly views
  5. Search tasks

Google Calendar Pricing

Google Calendar is available for free. The business version starts at $5 per month.

4. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Inbox is no more just an email app. It has revamped itself into a scheduling app too. Microsoft Inbox can be integrated with other daily planner apps to get a better view of your to-do lists.

best daily planner app microsoft outlook

Microsoft Outlook Features

  1. Schedule Events and tasks
  2. Smart filter for project management
  3. Access any MS Office tool on the run
  4. Share calendars
  5. Schedule emails
  6. Multi Calendar view
  7. Notifications

Microsoft Outlook Pricing

Microsoft Outlook is available for free. But you can buy it under the Microsoft 365 plan starting at $6 / user per month

5. ClickUp

ClickUp is one of the best daily planner apps that can be made used both for personal as well as professional use. 

ClickUp helps customize your calendars in multiple ways. It lets you manage your work schedules on the go with their mobile app. 

Apart from basic requirements, ClickUp allows you to collaborate within the workspace

best daily planner app clickup

ClickUp Features

  1. Recurring task management
  2. Calendar view
  3. Due dates
  4. Task prioritization
  5. To-do lists
  6. Create meeting notes and collaborate
  7. Integrate with other work apps like Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook etc

ClickUp Pricing

ClickUp has a free forever plan. The Paid plan starts at $5 / user per month, the business plan starts at $12/ user per month and plans for mid-level teams begin at $19 / user per month.

6. Trello

Large or smaller teams. Emails, notifications or spreadsheets. Trello has an extensive daily planner app that can help increase team productivity.

It uses multiple boards like kanban boards, cards etc to assign tasks and track them. A personal to-do list is easy to create and track in Trello.

best da,ly planner app trello

Trello Features

  1. Dues dates and deadlines for to-do lists
  2. Integrate with apps like Slack, Google Drive etc
  3. Recurring tasks management
  4. Assign tasks under boards, cards and lists
  5. Task creation and assignment
  6. Set priority levels on tasks so that team members can organize their work
  7. Allows users to update multiple tasks at the same time

Trello Pricing

Trello is available for free. Its basic plan starts at $5/ user per month for small teams. Trello has a premium plan at $10 / user per month and a plan for enterprises beginning at $17.50 /user per month

Finishing Up

If you are running your company on a tight schedule and want to make the best out of a day at your work, you better hop aboard a daily planner app. These apps are not just useful when it comes to daily to-do lists, it helps you manage your tasks, assign your tasks, collaborate with your colleagues and makes sure your work for the day is intact and completed with perfection. 

While there are an ample number of apps out there in the market, you need to look keenly into what suits best for your firm or your personal use.  

Consider some of the questions we have posed in the blog to choose the right fit for you while choosing a daily planner app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are daily Planners effective?

Daily planners are great tools to keep track of one’s activities. It will keep an individual or a team organized and helps in planning upcoming weeks and months

How do I plan my day?

Follow these simple steps to plan your day

  1. Build your to-do list around your goals.
  2. Have a single daily priority.
  3. Plan with a productivity method.
  4. Choose a planning tool.
  5. Stick with your plan & course correct when needed.
  6. Reflect regularly.

Do people use daily planners?

People use daily planners to increase productivity. From reminders to managing tasks, daily planners are an efficient way to increase productivity

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