December 1, 2022
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Importance and Benefits of Online Project Management Tools 2023

Collaborate, plan, execute, and successfully close projects with online project management tools in 2022. Read more about the importance and benefits here.

Thanks to technical advancements, online project management tools have recently become widely popular! Moreover, managing projects without proper tools is not an easy task. Imagine having to monitor all the projects and milestones and prepare documentation manually! 

You might have to check with your teammates every time to know the status of a particular task. And, if you don't have a proper online project management tool in your company, you are probably doing a lot of extra work and wasting time!

Now, let us see what online project management is and how you do it in detail. 

What Is Online Project Management?

Planning, coordinating and executing business projects with the help of online technologies and tools is known as online project management. 

In other words, project management software helps you manage your projects, communicate with your teammates, allocate resources, etc., from anywhere! 

These tools are best fit for companies with teams working remotely. So that team members can easily manage their tasks, collaborate freely and organize their time efficiently! 

The best thing is members can access this project management software via smartphones. Therefore, you have the real-time data of every project at your fingertips! 

7 Must-Have Features To Look For In An Online Project Management Tool. 

A project manager will have several responsibilities and tasks, from project coordination to people management, execution and submission. So, choose the best project management software to reduce your workload and save your precious time. 

When picking the right one for your business, consider these seven features every online project management software should have! 

  1. Kanban View
    Kanban View is one of the most valuable features for all project managers. It helps project managers monitor the progress of each project and see teammates change the status of their tasks. 

    Using the Kanban view, you can distribute work equally to every teammate. Eventually, the workflow becomes more transparent, and the efficiency of each team member improves! 
  2. Real-time Collaboration
    Irrespective of the project team size, every team member must be working on different tasks. So with the right collaboration features like chat and comments, team members easily share data and task status in real time. 

    Therefore, even if a team member has doubts, he can quickly get them cleared by messaging his colleagues through the project management software!
  3. User Role Management
    A single project will have many sensitive attributes like financial data, customer information, etc. And every team member might not need access to all this data. 

    The user role management feature allows you to restrict unauthorized access to sensitive project data. Furthermore, you can assign roles to team members and define their access permission easily!
  4. Integrations
    Users are always comfortable working with their existing technologies and systems without entirely upgrading to a new one. Therefore, integrations are essential if you get new online project management software.

    It lets you quickly transfer your important files and data by integrating the project management software with your existing CRMs and tools!
  5. Reports and Analysis
    If you're a project manager, you should provide regular updates about ongoing projects to clients. The reports and analytics feature gives you an overview covering all necessary details in a simple format. Using a single platform, you can also monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) & overall project health.
  6. Task Management
    Task management is the heart of project management software because tasks are the building blocks of projects! This feature helps you break up the project into smaller parts and assign tasks to each team member. You can also check each task's status and deadlines in a single window.
  7. Sharing Options
    A good project management tool always offers plenty of sharing options. For example, file-sharing features, shared calendars and contact lists help teammates to collaborate more efficiently. 

    Moreover, if a team member adds or edits any file into the system, others will also get instant access to it. Some project management tools even offer free storage to upload and store your data!

Top 5 Benefits Of Having An Online Project Management Tool

Regardless of the type, a robust project management tool can significantly impact your project! The following are the top 5 benefits of having online project management software! 

  1. Easy to Access
    Is your team working remotely? If yes, online project management software is the first thing you need! Because project management tools make your work so much easier by offering collaboration, communication, budget tracking features, etc.! 

    The tool eliminates all the time, space and geographical barriers, allowing your team members to work freely from anywhere! Imagine if you can access any detail about the project from anywhere your smartphone takes you! 
  1. All-in-one Solution
    One of the best benefits of online project management software is that it keeps everything in one place! You can easily plan the project, track progress, collaborate with teammates, etc., from a single platform. 

    In other words, you don't have to think about getting separate tools to manage different departments of your business. Instead, robust online project management software offers all the earlier features to ease your workload! 
  1. Improved Productivity
    The team's productivity increases when you and your team members can easily find all the relevant information in a single place. It allows you to make meaningful decisions at the right time as well. Moreover, project managers can spot roadblocks and fix them quickly before they turn into more significant troubles. 
  1. Better Collaboration
    If your team is small and working from a single place, it's easy to collaborate. But what will you do if your team grows and you start working remotely? Don't worry; a project management tool can help your team stay in the loop! 

    The Kanban view of the project management tool helps you get all the details about ongoing projects, tasks and deadlines. This way, the system keeps all the team members together, reduces confusion and helps deliver faster results! 
  1. Easy to Plan and Schedule
    Are you struggling to find how or where to start your project? Then, all you need is a proper project management tool! Because the tool helps you plan and schedule your tasks more efficiently. An advanced project management tool allows you to forecast your project budget and deadlines. Eventually, you can establish a solid foundation for your project! 

Best Online Project Management Tools in the Market

Now, you might be wondering which project management tool you should select! To help you out, we have listed some of the best online project management tools in 2022. 

  1. Retable
  2. Proofhub
  3. HubSpot
  4. Zoho Projects
  5. Hive

1) Retable

Retable is undoubtedly the best choice if you want a comprehensive project management tool with all the necessary features under one roof! In addition, the platform offers customizable project management templates that you can access instantly. So it takes seconds to import your data from other channels and share it with your team members. 

Retable includes all the necessary features listed above, including Calendar View, Chart View, Project & Row History, Spreadsheet Snapshot, HTML Code Support, and many more!

2) Proofhub

Proofhub is another versatile project management tool used by many famous companies! It is ideal for companies where project managers need a centralized hub to manage their projects. Time tracking, team chat, calendar, etc., are significant features this online project management tool offers!

3) HubSpot

If you want a single platform to bring all your project management teams together, HubSpot is something you must try! It helps you manage all your tasks, provide real-time feedback, receive notifications and drive results! Collaboration boards, Pre-built project templates and In-depth dashboard analytics are the major highlights of this online project management software! 

4) Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects can handle all kinds of projects and levels of complexity! Zoho Projects' Gantt Chart Online features let you break your project into smaller tasks and visualize and execute them more easily. The top features of Zoho Projects include feeds, forms and discussions! 

5) Hive

Hive is an easy-to-use online project management tool that powers many project teams worldwide! Flexible project views, time tracking, thousands of integrations, etc., make Hive the best platform for collaboration teams!

Final Thoughts

Now it's clear that you need a proper project management tool to complete projects successfully! These tools help you manage your resources, organize time and, most importantly, allow teammates to collaborate freely from anywhere! 

As mentioned earlier, Retable is one tool that helps you manage your projects efficiently. Irrespective of your project team size, Retable eases your workload, helps you monitor progress and interact with your clients without hassles! 

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