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January 22, 2024
Everyday Life

To-do list

Whether you're planning a project or scheduling daily tasks, the to-do list template is the ultimate tool to help you prioritize and track the status of your tasks. By listing all your todos in one place, you can easily manage your work and organize your time accordingly. Now throw away the pen and paper and enjoy Retable's easy-to-use to-do list template!

To do list spreadsheet template

📌 To copy and customize the to-do list spreadsheet template to your own Retable dashboard, click the "Copy to workspace" button in the upper right corner of the template!

Columns of the to-do list spreadsheet template

Retable's to-do list spreadsheet template has several columns, each with a specific purpose to help organize to-do list tracking process.

  • To-do: It's a text column type. Here, you can find the name for each to-do, which provide a quick idea of the topic of each task.
  • Status: It's a select column type. Indicates the current stage of each to-do, such as 'To Do', 'In Progress', 'Done', etc. You can add more status option.
  • Priority: It's a select column type. Indicates the priority each to-do, such as 'High', 'Medium', 'Low', etc. You can add more priority option.
  • Due date: It's a calendar column type. Here you can find the deadline for the task completion. You can change the date format by customizing this column.
  • Notes: it's a rich text column type. You can add additional notes or comments regarding the task.

Views of the to-do list spreadsheet template

The view types in your to-do list spreadsheet template are designed to offer different perspectives and ways to interact with the to-do list data. Here's a brief explanation of each view:

Grid view (default):

This view presents the tasks in a traditional spreadsheet format, where each row represents a different task and the columns represent the various attributes of each task, such as status, priority, due date, etc. It's the most detailed and comprehensive view, suitable for editing and entering data.

Kanban view:

In this view, tasks are displayed as cards in a Kanban board, allowing you to visualize and manage the workflow of your tasks. Each card represents a to-do, and they can be moved across columns that represent different status of the task management process. (e.g., To Do, In Progress, Done). This view is helpful for tracking progress and managing tasks.

Calendar View

Calendar view helps you automatically display the dates in your table on a calendar. If your table has multiple date columns (ex; start date & end date) you can automatically create date ranges in your calendar view.

Each view serves a different purpose and can be used depending on the specific needs of the moment, whether that's detailed data entry, visual workflow management, or quick status overviews.

Retable's to-do listspreadsheet template is a powerhouse for efficiently managing your tasks, enabling you to capture, organize, and progress each tasks with ease. With options like Grid, Kanban, and Calendar views, you can customize your workflow to suit your unique needs.

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