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Change how you manage your projects with modern data view options, create new perspectives for your team and improve your project management operations.

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applicant tracking

Organize, categorize, track and prioritize your projects. Assign a category to each task, tag your teammates and connect related tasks to each other. Discover the well-organized project management solutions!

onboarding planning

Organize your team's tasks and plan your project's steps. Easily track, sort and categorize your team's tasks in one place. Quickly try Retable's project and task management template and customize it as you wish. ๐Ÿš€

performance review

Resource planning makes it possible to organize your team so they know what to work on and when. Managing your resource capacity helps you to manage your teamโ€™s time efficiently so you donโ€™t burn anyone out.๐ŸŽฏ

task planning

The sprint execution process includes task planning, performing, managing the tasks, attending daily meeting, and communicating with the the teams. Easily manage organized and effective sprints with the help of this template! ๐ŸŽฏ

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team responsibility planning

Easily identify, filter, sort and assign workflows for each of your teams without getting bogged down in complex tasks and responsibilities. Easily transfer responsibilities in job change processes.

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software bug tracking

Track the time that your employee has worked during a certain period. Thanks to timesheet vertical template, you can show you all time entries in chronological order, provide an hourly total for each day. ๐ŸŒŸ

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Flexible, organized and align project management

Easily assign tasks, categorize and tag your issues and create relational databases to run effective project management.

Filter, group, format, share or hide your data safely while managing an efficient project management process.

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    Assign task to your teammates, share your project data with them and manage their user roles.

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    Watch your project's log history. Stay informed about any change or update in real-time.

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    Set deadlines, view progress and collaborate in real-time with your team. Have a more scalable and user-friendly project management spreadsheet, don't get lost in complex spreadsheets.

We are so happy to use Retable as it makes our data easily accessible, traceable and manageable in real-time, and it can easily prevent unauthorized access. Also, since it is easy to manage, it has greatly reduced the workload we spend for our routine work.
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Abdullah Dursun- BigPlus Founder
Abdullah Dursun

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