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It's time to manage your marketing with digital and smart tools!
Marketing spreadsheets do not have to be complicated and frightening.
Simplify your marketing process and make it easier to set meaningful marketing goals.

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Start creating your smart marketing spreadsheets with Retable's ready-to-use marketing spreadsheet templates and solve even your most complex marketing management needs.

applicant tracking

Organize and track your contents and develop your content strategy! Content planning template helps you to track your content and measure your keyword strategy. Manage all contents in one place, don't get lost in complex tables. 🚀

onboarding planning

Plan, manage and schedule social media your social media posts. All you need to do is fill in the columns that belong to the template. Thus, you can check your past and future posts quickly from all in one place.🚀

performance review

Guest blogging is one of the most best ways to do promote your brand. But tracking this process can be complicated. Here is the guest blogging planning template to make things easier and organized. 💌

task planning

Run a smooth event process thanks to this adaptable and customizable event planning template. Create your checklists and timeline to manage your events more easier. Never loss any significant step. 🎯

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team responsibility planning

Discover all aspects of your business and create innovative action plans. Map out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your business, create growth opportunities.

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software bug tracking

Organize your promotions, get to know your customers better and increase their loyalty to your company with this simple and flexible marketing planning template. Try and customize it for your needs! 🌟

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Simplify your marketing with flexible and smart spreadsheets

A marketing goal without a plan is just a dream. Plan your marketing process, set smart goals and stay aligned with your marketing team.

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    Build up-to-date marketing spreadsheets to organize your marketing documents, content planning, and social media planning.

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    Easily track the stages of your marketing efforts, collaborate with your team, and organize your multi-channel marketing process from a single platform.

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    Safely store your marketing documents in the relevant marketing spreadsheets, avoid e-mail traffic and data loss.

Retable provides us a flexible workspace where we have gained incredible freedom about how we use the software. If you need a tool that will make your marketing planning process and teamwork much easier, I highly recommend you take a look.
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Lütfi Aslahan-  Plethora Digital Director
Lütfi Aslahan
Plethora Digital

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