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October 25, 2023
Product updates

Revolutionizing Retable user experience: Introducing our fresh, redesigned user interface

Discover the transformative update to Retable's interface. Seamlessly intuitive and freshly designed, our revamped UI promises an elevated and revolutionary user experience tailored for you.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Melih Birim

We are so excited to give you a sneak peek of the latest version of our refined Retable UI, called Retable Evolution which we have been working on the last 3 months.

Those who are in our Discord channel have been tipped about the new UI a few times, but this is the first public post about what we have been working on tirelessly. 

We have dedicated our resources to enhancing our design system, typography, accessibility, and interactivity, and these improvements are evident throughout every aspect of our web application. 

In alignment with our fundamental Retable design principles, this update represents an ongoing response to a recurring question we pose to ourselves: "How can we make Retable users' dai̇ly lives easier?"

A sneak peek into the new UI

With the new interface of Retable, we have fully revamped our dashboard to make it more intuitive and functional, creating a far better workflow, effective visibility of all workspaces and projects.

retable new UI

Moreover, font colors, font types and font sizes of texts have all changed. Now we are using Inter instead, everywhere. Design is prettier, slicker and lighter, compared to what we had previously.

retable new ui

Colors used in headers and select type columns are vastly enhanced as well. Previously, some of the background and font colors blended too much, making it hard to read for users. Contrast difference of colors are maximized for increased pleasure of working with tables.

retable new ui

When is Retable Evolution available for the masses? 

We have been testing the new UI thoroughly for some time and can't wait to release it. Our plan is to make a release in early November given all tests pass by our QA team. 

Admittedly the QA team is currently one person only, however most of us at Retable dedicate our resources to provide UI bug reports as much as possible.

Retable Evolution FAQ

What is Retable Evolution?

Retable Evolution refers to Retable's new version with a focus on new interface and user experience. All the changes to specific features were accompanied by a completely new and fresh user interface. 

Why does Retable need a new user interface? 

We have been working on Retable since 2021. For the last 2 years, we received numerous feedback from our users and decided to present information you store in the most intuitive and effective way. As such, we built a cleaner, lighter interface in which you can enjoy working with Retable.

How will the product update affect me? 

There is nothing you should be doing on your end. All Retable users will be switching to the new UI automatically, without any hiccups.

Is this a complete overhaul or a minor change? 

The new UI has been a complete overhaul over the previous interface. While we tried to make sure everyone's user experience won't be affected negatively, there might be some areas we have redesigned completely which may take some time for you to grasp (e.g dashboards and file upload pane).

Will I be able to return back to the previous user interface? 

Since the new user interface is superior to the previous, old UI and have many advantages, switching back is not possible. Moreover, there are several features in the new UI that is not present in the old one.

What are the next steps in UI? 

There might be minor changes in the UI, however our design system is now stable and we don't expect any major changes anytime soon. Having said that, there will be several improvements, additonal features coming up, which you can check from the roadmap - and you're encouraged to add yours, too!

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