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March 8, 2024
How to

Reinventing spreadsheets with Retable!

Organize, track, analyze, and collaborate. But how?

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

Since online spreadsheets were first introduced, they have become essential tools for business operations all around the world. There are so many different functionalities that spreadsheets can perform and they are evolving all the time, to perform even more tasks that can improve efficiency and save time. People are using traditional spreadsheets and understand the basics of how their businesses operate.

Microsoft Excel has been the most popular choice for most businesses using spreadsheets but with software solutions becoming more Cloud and Web-based applications, the capabilities of spreadsheets are changing. Excel and other types of traditional-style spreadsheets are being replaced by more sophisticated options that can do much more.

Introducing Retable

Retable is a simple online database that has a spreadsheet interface. Retable integrates with other software solutions and presents features such as real-time collaboration. It is easy to use and requires no technical experience. Retable combines the familiar format of spreadsheets with the power of databases, creating one very useful solution that teams love to use.

Retable allows you to quickly record and manage any type of scattered information and one of the key benefits it brings to users is huge amounts of saved time. It has many different possibilities and as a web-based solution, the software is regularly updated with even more features to improve business efficiency and collaboration opportunities.

Main components:

  1. Workspace
  2. Project
  3. Tables
  5. Fields, Records and Rows

As you can see, the components include some of the terms you will already be very familiar with but these are built into a format that is much easier to work with than traditional spreadsheets. The Views functionality enables you to customize and arrange your work in your preferred way.

Who is Retable for?

The simple answer is — everybody! Any business that uses spreadsheets and/or databases will be able to benefit from choosing Retable as their main spreadsheet solution. It works for every type of project and any team, across all business levels and industries.

It provides a single, intuitive platform that makes sharing information and ideas quick and simple. It can be used by staff, clients, consumers, and freelancers without any requirement for technical skills.

Retable is a top choice for most types of business departments but particularly useful for:

Retable has been designed specifically to make working on projects and managing data much easier across key business areas such as human resources and for working with external contractors such as freelancers. It is ideal for use in sales and marketing teams and has a whole host of features focused on effective project management.

How does Retable work?

The best way to understand the full capabilities of Retable is just to start using the free version. The main features include:


Enables you to organize everything you could possibly need to.


Whatever you need to track and monitor, Retable will do all of that for you.


Powerful analytical features allow you to quickly and easily analyze data.


Work together on live documents instead of emailing spreadsheets or sharing folders.

Once you get started working with Retable, you will start to see the endless capabilities at your fingertips. With no training required and an easy setup process, your team can quickly start to benefit from using a software solution that will revolutionize the way that you work.

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