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February 24, 2023
Product updates

Explore the New Features Released for Retable Online Spreadsheets!

At Retable, we are constantly looking to develop and improve the services we offer to our clients. One of the best ways for us to make our clients’ lives easier and to help them work smarter, faster and more efficiently, is to ask them what it is they want from us.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Almira Demiroğlu
Product Owner

So, we’re proud to unveil some new features to our online spreadsheet solutions which are based on feedback from users and which will boost productivity and bottom line for them.

Form View for Public

This feature allows organisations to collect data from the public and is great for surveys and obtaining feedback.

In your tables, you can create using the Form View Share option. The URL can be shared with anyone, even those who are not using Retable themselves.

Within the table, users can edit the columns which are not restricted and use the Submit button to input their responses.

While all business leaders want to receive feedback from customers, all too often the process is too laborious or time-consuming which puts users off. Retable provides a simple way to provide feedback which people are more likely to use. And you don’t need to rely on multiple choice answers which can be quite vague and not really allow clients to say what they think. With Retable, you get proper, honest feedback which will allow you to conduct a thorough and realistic review of the issues raised. This is not a PR tool, it’s for organisations that have a genuine desire to change and improve their services.

Table Referencing

This feature makes comparing and contrasting data easier than it has ever been. We all want lots of data, but sometimes there can be so much available on one table that we would like to be able to separate the parts that are relevant to one aspect of the project and view it in isolation.

With traditional spreadsheets, this is at best laborious and at worst not possible. The new Retable, Table Referencing feature allows you to create a new table that references the relevant data so you can view it in isolation without detaching it from the project as a whole. When data is updated in one table, it is automatically updated on all other tables.

The Table Referencing feature avoids repetition and human error while providing clear, up to date information to be shared in real-time to ensure everybody is working with accurate data and information.

These new features were suggested by users of the system and implemented by us to ensure that we continue to provide the best possible service to all our clients. If you’re a Retable user and have an idea or suggestion about how we might further improve our spreadsheet solution, we’d love to hear from you. And we can promise you that every suggestion is listened to and given due consideration.

If you’re not yet using Retable, sign up now and find out for yourself why cloud-based spreadsheet solutions are the future of work. And if you think of other features that would make it even better for you – you know what to do.

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