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June 26, 2024

Mastering Retable: Finding and filtering records

Explore Retable's powerful fnd and filter features to quickly locate, refine, and manage your data, ensuring efficient navigation and accuracy in your tables with ease.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Zeynep Lengerli
Content Marketing Specialist

Explore the streamlined capabilities of Retable's Find and Filter features, crafted to quickly locate and refine your data. Effortlessly navigate your tables, instantly finding specific entries and concentrating on relevant information with just a few clicks. 🌟

Table of contents

Finding records

The find feature in Retable allows you to swiftly search for specific text within your table, making it easier to navigate through large datasets and pinpoint the exact information you need.

How to find records:

How to find records in retable
  • Click on the "Find" option located on the top toolbar of your table or simply use the shortcut Cmd/CTRL + F to open the Find field.
  • Enter the word or phrase you wish to search for in the provided text box. This feature will highlight and navigate you through occurrences of your search term within the table.
  • Use the "Enter" key or the navigation arrows within the find tool to cycle through the search results, allowing you to quickly review all instances of your query.

Replacing records

Once you’ve located the data, Retable’s Replace feature enables you to update individual or multiple instances of that data, facilitating efficient data management and ensuring consistency across your table.

How to replace records:

replacing records in retablee
  • After finding the desired data, activate the Replace function in the find tool to modify the located data.
  • Use the "Replace" option to change the currently highlighted occurrence of the found data with your new specified text.
  • If you need to update all instances of the found data within your table, use the "Replace All" option. This action will substitute every occurrence of the search term with the new data you provide.

Filtering records

Filtering enables you to display only the records that meet certain criteria, making it easier to focus on specific segments of your data or to find particular records quickly.

How to filter records:

How to filter records in retable
  • Click the “Filter” icon to start defining your criteria.
  • Select the column to filter, then choose the condition (like “is,” “contains,” “is before,” etc.) and specify the value or values to filter by.
  • Add multiple filters if needed, specifying whether they should work together as “AND” conditions or “OR” conditions.
  • Deactivate filters without deleting them using the eye icon, lock them to prevent changes in shared views, or remove them entirely with the trash icon. You can also apply multiple filters and use them together.

Retable's Find and Filtering feature is a powerful tool designed to enhance your efficiency in managing data. With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly search for and update information, ensuring your tables remain accurate and up-to-date. Embrace this functionality to simplify your data management tasks and maintain the integrity of your datasets in Retable. 🚀

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