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June 26, 2024

Mastering Retable: Exploring basic column types

This guide explores Retable's basic column types among the 30+ customizable column types, enabling you to create tailored, efficient, and organized data management systems for diverse needs, and enhancing data entry, visualization, and analysis. Let's explore Retable's basic column types together!

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

Retable offers over 30 types of columns, from the simplest basics to the most advanced and premium ones, all customizable to fit your unique needs. Retable’s columns allow you to effortlessly customize your data for your specific needs. Each column type is designed with the flexibility to tailor your database for precise, efficient, and organized data management. By leveraging these column types, users can craft a database structure that not only meets their specific data entry needs but also enhances data visualization and analysis, streamlining workflows and decision-making processes. Whether you're compiling a simple contact list or managing complex project workflows, Retable’s column types equip you with the tools to create a robust, intuitive, and comprehensive data management system. Now let’s dive into Retable’s various column types and explore their uses. 🌟

Table of contents

Retable's basic columns are the fundamental elements for any data you want to organize and manage. From text to ratings, we'll guide you through each type and how to make the most of them for efficient data management.

Within your Retable project, you'll add columns by selecting the appropriate type from the 'Add new column' menu. Let's explore the various column types and how you can use and customize them. 📊

Text column 📝

The Text column is essential for inputting any kind of alphabetic data. It accommodates both single-line and multi-line text, suitable for a variety of data entry needs.

Retable text column type

Whether you are recording simple labels, detailed descriptions, or extensive notes, the Text column can handle it all. It allows for a wide range of textual information, ensuring that your data is well-organized and easily accessible. This column type is particularly useful for creating detailed records, documenting processes, or storing any other textual data that requires flexibility and clarity. With the ability to support extensive text input, the Text column ensures that you can capture all the necessary information without any limitations, making your data management more comprehensive and efficient.

Number column 🔢

The Number column is a powerful feature for inputting and managing numeric data within your database. It is designed to handle a wide range of quantitative data, making it perfect for financial records, statistical analysis, and any other numerical information you need to store. This column type not only supports positive numbers but also comes with the option to allow negative numbers, providing a comprehensive solution for all your numerical data entry needs.

retable number column type

Additionally, the Number column offers flexibility in formatting. You can choose between integer and decimal formats, ensuring that your data is presented in the most appropriate and precise manner. This is particularly useful for financial calculations, inventory counts, measurements, and any data that requires specific numerical precision.

Moreover, the customizable formatting options enable you to tailor the presentation of your numeric data to fit your specific requirements. Whether you need whole numbers for counting items or decimal points for detailed financial records, the Number column adapts to your needs, enhancing both the accuracy and readability of your data.

Checkbox column ☑️

The Checkbox column offers a binary choice: checked or unchecked. It's as simple as clicking to toggle the state, which is perfect for tracking completion or status.

Retable checkbox column

Whether you’re creating a to-do list, tracking project milestones, or marking items as reviewed, the Checkbox column offers a clear and intuitive method for keeping your data organized. Each checkbox can represent a task that needs to be done, a step that has been completed, or an item that has been verified. The Checkbox column is perfect for any scenario where a simple yes/no or done/not done indicator is needed. Its ease of use and visual clarity make it an indispensable tool for effective data management and project tracking.

Image column 🖼️

For adding visual context, the Image column supports various image formats. You can upload and display images directly within your spreadsheet. You also have the option to upload multiple images.

Retable image column

Whether you need to include product photos, project images, or any other visual content, the Image column makes it easy to integrate these elements seamlessly into your database. This is particularly useful for galleries, portfolios, or any project that benefits from a detailed visual representation.

Attachment column 📎

The Attachment column allows you to upload and store a range of file types from PDFs to ZIP files and also .mov format. It's a versatile tool for keeping your documents organized.

Retable attachment column

With the Attachment column, you can seamlessly integrate important documents directly into your spreadsheet. Whether you need to store reports, presentations, spreadsheets, or video files, this column provides a centralized location for all your file storage needs. This eliminates the hassle of managing external file storage systems and ensures that all relevant documents are readily available within your Retable environment.

Calendar (Date & time column) 📅

Manage events and deadlines with the Date & Time column. It features an interactive calendar and format options, with the added ability to include specific times. You can also choose the date format you like.

Retable calendar column

The Date & Time column is not just about selecting dates; it also provides the capability to include specific times, making it ideal for scheduling appointments, meetings, and deadlines with precision. Whether you need to track project milestones, set reminders, or plan events, this column ensures that your scheduling is accurate and organized.

The interactive calendar simplifies the process of selecting dates, reducing the chance of errors and making data entry more intuitive. This functionality is particularly useful for managing timelines in project planning, coordinating team schedules, or keeping track of important deadlines.

Color column 🎨

The Color column adds visual cues to your data through color coding. Select from a spectrum of colors to categorize or prioritize data entries.

Retable color column

This column is particularly useful for highlighting important data, distinguishing between various categories, or indicating the status of tasks. For example, you can use different colors to represent priority levels, project stages, or departmental classifications. This visual differentiation helps to quickly convey critical information, enhancing the overall readability and organization of your data.

Email column 📧

You can use the Email column to store and validate email addresses. It ensures format correctness and provides quick access to your default email application for immediate communication.

Retable email column

One of the key benefits of the Email column is its ability to provide quick access to your default email application. With a simple click, you can open your email client and start composing a message, streamlining the communication process. This is particularly useful for maintaining contact lists, managing customer information, or coordinating with team members.

Additionally, the Email column integrates seamlessly with other columns and features within your database, allowing you to create comprehensive records that include email information alongside other relevant data.

Phone number column 📞

The Phone Number column stores contact numbers in a consistent format and can integrate with your device's calling function for immediate dialing. One of the standout features of the Phone Number column is its ability to include country codes. You can select the appropriate country code for each contact number, which is especially useful for international contacts. This ensures that all phone numbers are formatted correctly and ready for use, no matter where your contacts are located.

Retable phone number column

The integration with your device's calling function simplifies communication, making it quick and efficient to connect with your contacts directly from your database. This feature is particularly beneficial for customer service teams, sales representatives, and anyone who needs to make frequent phone calls as part of their workflow.

By storing phone numbers in a consistent format, the Phone Number column enhances the organization of your contact information. This consistency helps prevent errors and ensures that all numbers are ready for immediate use, whether for calling or for other purposes such as sending text messages.

Percent column 📈

The Percent column is an efficient tool for inputting and managing percentage data. Designed to simplify data entry, this column automatically adds the percent symbol, streamlining the process of recording performance metrics, growth measurements, and other percentage-based data.

Retable percent column

One of the key features of the Percent column is its flexibility in formatting. You can choose between integer and decimal formats, ensuring that your data is presented accurately and in a manner that suits your specific needs. Additionally, you can decide where to place the percent symbol, giving you control over the appearance of your data.

To further enhance data visualization, the Percent column includes an option to display your progress using a color progress bar. By selecting this option, you can transform raw percentage data into a visually intuitive progress bar, making it easier to interpret performance levels and growth rates at a glance. This feature is particularly useful for tracking project completion, sales targets, or any other metric where visual progress indicators are beneficial.

Currency column 💲

Financial data finds its place in the Currency column, which formats numeric values into currency, complete with customizable symbols and placement options. You can choose between integer and decimal, select the currency symbol, and decide its placement. You can also set preset settings for specific currencies.

Retable currency column

The Currency column is an essential tool for anyone managing financial data. Its ability to format numeric values into currency, combined with customizable symbols and placement options, ensures that your financial information is both accurate and easy to interpret.

Select (options) column 🎛️

Categorize and standardize your data with the Select (Options) column. It provides a list of predefined options for consistent data entry across your dataset. In addition to single selection, you can add multiple options and select between them.

Retable select column

The Select (Options) column is perfect for scenarios where specific categories or labels are required. For example, you can use it to classify tasks by priority, assign project statuses, or tag items with relevant attributes. This predefined list helps streamline data entry, ensuring that all entries conform to the same standards and eliminating the variability that can occur with free-text fields.

You can add, edit, or remove options as needed, adapting your categories to evolving data requirements.

Rating column ⭐

The Rating column lets you assign values visually with stars, ideal for feedback or evaluation purposes.

Retable rating column

By using stars to represent ratings, the Rating column simplifies the process of assigning and interpreting values. Users can quickly rate an item by selecting the appropriate number of stars, providing an immediate visual representation of the rating. This visual system is easy to understand at a glance, making it ideal for both data entry and data analysis.

The Rating column is highly versatile and can be customized to suit various rating scales and criteria. Whether you need a simple 5-star system or a more detailed scale, the column adapts to your needs.

Duration column

Retable's Duration column type enhances your ability to manage and track time effortlessly. This specialized number field automatically formats numbers as durations, making it ideal for tracking project timelines, logging hours, or managing deadlines. By converting numeric entries into readable durations, this feature ensures that your time-related data is clear, accurate, and easy to interpret.

Retable duration column

Whether you're overseeing complex projects or simply monitoring work hours, the Duration column provides a straightforward way to keep your time data organized. Its automatic formatting removes the need for manual conversion, reducing the risk of errors and saving you valuable time. With the Duration column, you can quickly understand how time is allocated and spent, enabling better planning and decision-making.


Exploring Retable's basic column types provides you with the foundation needed to organize and manage your data effectively. With tools designed for everything from simple text entries to complex numerical data, these column types help streamline your workflow and enhance your data visualization and analysis. By utilizing these features, you can create a comprehensive, intuitive data management system tailored to your specific needs. Dive into Retable's capabilities to transform your data management experience and boost your productivity. 🌟

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