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October 25, 2023
Product updates

Introducing Retable addons: Empower your spreadsheets

Engage with Retable's add-ons, thoughtfully devised to elevate your data management operations, and keep track of the upcoming advancements that are on the horizon.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Arzu Özkan
Head of Marketing

The Retable is powerful enough on its own to do countless things, especially when you consider all the formulas, functions, advanced column types and automations included. However, you can do even more using some Retable add-ons.

Retable add-ons are essentially packages that you can install to bring some extra functionality into your spreadsheet app. For example, you can use add-ons to increase your row limits and attachment limits or have more advanced authorizations. Add-ons for Retable can be a game-changer for your data management operations. If you’ve ever felt frustrated that Retable can’t do that one specific thing you need it to do, there might just be an add-on to help you with that. And if you want to give them a try yourself, this list of the planned Retable add-ons might be a good place to start.‍

While planning the Retable add-ons, we carefully considered the requests of our users. We aimed to share the planned add-ons with you while they are still under development, as our users have made significant contributions to their development.

In the table below, you will find a list of add-ons that we intend to develop.

📌 Please note that some improvements and updates related to add-ons that are still in development might change based on the demands and needs of our users during the process. Therefore, we will update this table regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Retable Addons

What's the price of the add-ons?

The price of each add-on will vary. Additionally, some add-ons could be offered for free. Various campaigns will be organized for certain add-ons, and announcements for all of them will be made through our social media accounts, emails, and Discord community. Once the pricing strategy for add-ons is finalized, price information will be added to the table above.

What is the estimate for add-ons?

The development process for each add-on varies. The development priority of add-ons is determined in line with the demands of our users. Since new add-ons will be added in time, there is no clear estimate for all add-ons. The current status of the add-ons will be regularly updated in the table above.

Will you provide a lifetime deal for add-ons?

This won't be possible for all add-ons. For certain add-ons, a limited number of lifetime deal opportunities may be offered during specific campaign periods.

Is it possible to have multiple add-ons?

Yes it will be possible to have multiple add-ons at the same time

How can I request a new add-on?

By joining our Discord community, you can join in our discussions with Retable users and request new add-ons. Requests will be evaluated by the Retable team and the community members.

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