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March 8, 2024
Product updates

Empower your team with Retable and The ultimate workflow automation solution

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and productivity for your team with Retable & Relay. Our cutting-edge solution integrates seamlessly to automate your workflows and enhance collaboration. Experience the power of smart database management and multi-application automation to keep your team ahead.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Jacob Bank
CEO of

The best teams are defined by how well they execute their most important repeated processes. Whether you’re a user research team running user studies, a sales team managing demos, or a customer service team onboarding new customers, every team has playbooks for their important procedures at the heart of their operations. However, many teams struggle to execute these processes well, often using a range of apps that are disconnected and disjointed. We created Relay to help teams address these issues by automating tasks across applications with AI assistance, human collaboration, and a multiplayer experience, providing a new workflow automation tool that automates more than ever before.

retable and relay integration

When we worked with teams to understand how they were managing key processes, we found that at the center of many of these playbooks is a smart database like Retable. Retable enables teams to organize all your spreadsheets, securely share them, and work on them collaboratively. Since Retable plays such a central role for so many teams, we saw a big opportunity to help Retable customers create workflows that keep their teams on track across a range of different tools. Without Retable and Relay, information lives in disparate sources and steps of processes are scattered across applications. Together, Retable can serve as the source of all your important work, while Relay automates actions and keeps you on track to execute key processes!

Retable keeps track of all of the essential information, but the real magic happens when you can automatically use and update this information. That’s where Relay comes in: with Relay, you can trigger actions across all of the other apps your team uses based on responses to Retable information, or update your Retable based on what’s happening in other apps.

  • When something changes in Retable automate actions in other apps: Relay facilitates automations across a wide range of actions based on triggers in Retable. Connect Retable to all of your applications with ease. For example, if you use Retable as your CRM, you can automatically send a contract for e-signature. Or if you use Retable as a project management tool, you can automatically update the marketing team when a feature is ready to launch.
  • When something happens in another app, add or update information to Retable: ‍Relay will pull information from your other applications to add it to Retable. This ensures everything important ends up in Retable with automations from Relay. For example, if a lead fills out a form on your website, you can add their information to your CRM in Retable. Or if a new support ticket is filed in your support system, you can add a task in the relevant Retable tracker.
retable and relay integration

For example, let’s say you have a customer sign up for a user study from a form linked in an email. Relay can automatically add this customer’s information to a spreadsheet in Retable that tracks all of the user study information. This keeps your Retable spreadsheet up to date with all of the details, without any manual work on your side! Additionally, Relay informs the team via Slack that a new user study has been scheduled and that the details can be found in Retable. Then, after the interview, Relay drafts a thank you note to the participant using a template and nudges the interviewer to review it and add any details before sending. With Relay, the Retable doc is kept up-to-date, and all of your user studies are running smoothly!

retable relay integration

If you’re ready to use Relay and Retable together to transform automations around your smart database, head to to get started. Sign up for free, create a playbook, connect your Retable account, and trigger actions based on form responses. Learn more here. Now back to automating!

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