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May 30, 2023
Product updates

Deploy Retable On-Premises or on a Virtual Cloud

The Retable on-premises is the perfect solution for companies of any size. Have full control over your data! Deploy Retable on-premises or on a virtual cloud.

Arzu Özkan-  Digital Marketing Manager
Melih Birim

Starting from June 1st, 2023, we will start offering Retable not only as a SaaS, but also as an on-premises and managed virtual cloud service as well. This has been asked from customers for a long time (and even we have a few customers running Retable like this), so we decided to make it generally available. 

We have landed our first customer exactly one year ago, and now Retable sees more than 600+ signups and 15.000 sessions every month. Recently we have also passed 17.000 subscribers to Retable cloud, which is a significant milestone for us.

Going further, Retable is positioning itself in the Enterprise, where security and privacy has been a top concern for many organizations. With Retable self hosted or managed cloud, organizations will be much more satisfied with the way they rely on the air gapped method of storing their data. 

Certainly, the Retable SaaS version will also be available and its core features will be on-par with the Enterprise version. The Enterprise version will have the following security and privacy options on top of SaaS:

  1. Choice of data center to deploy
  2. Docker deployment, with an easy to manage interface
  3. Enterprise-only admin screens where you manage all users, workspaces and projects
  4. Support for brute force, password rotation and recaptcha
  5. Better SSO support

Enterprise Edition customers will also have a priority over the roadmap items. Since we have an open roadmap, you are also more than welcome to provide us with your suggestions on what to build next. 

Differences between on-premise, virtual cloud and SaaS offerings

Retable on-premise deployment refers to an infrastructure where a Retable instance is deployed and operated within your own premises. In this setup, you have direct control over the entire infrastructure, including data storage, security measures, and privacy protocols. 

Another deployment option for Enterprise Edition is managed virtual cloud. In this case, Retable is hosted on Retable's platform (and also with your choice of AWS zone), however Retable is responsible for managing and upgrading your instance. Your server won't be shared with other Retable users, hence you'll completely be isolated from our SaaS offering.

The SaaS (cloud based) Retable is and will be for every type of company, where Retable is provided by our experts, and you access those resources over the internet. With SaaS, you don't have a preference or selection option over where your data resides, and all customers data is distributed to the SaaS database which hosts Retable data. 

In terms of data security, on-premise deployment offers the advantage of keeping data within the organization's own infrastructure. This can be particularly appealing for industries or organizations with strict compliance requirements or sensitive data that needs to be closely guarded. 

Which Retable option is good for you? 

If you're facing the choice between cloud deployment and on-premise deployment, it's crucial to approach it as a significant decision that requires careful consideration. 

If you're currently at the stage of making this decision and have concerns about security or privacy, which lead you to desire greater data control, the following advice is specifically tailored to address your needs.

Pricing and support

Pricing for Retable Enterprise starts from $15/month per user for 100 and more users, with an annual payment plan. When going with a managed virtual cloud option, the hosting zone can be defined by the customer, and will be limited to AWS zones.

In terms of support, Retable provides technical support for our self hosted / managed service customers. The level of service, including response times, varies based on a customer’s support level. We also have defined severity levels with response and resolution targets as well, starting from 6 hours.

If you'd like to get more information, see the Retable Enterprise page or contact us to see a guided demo.

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